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A Ghost Waits

Year - 2020
Studio - Rebecca Films
Stars - MacLeod Andrews, Natalie Walker, Sydney Vollmer, Amanda Miller
Director - Adam Stovall
Writing Credits - MacLeod Andrews, Adam Stovall
Music - Mitch Bain, Margaret Darling


Jack (MacLeod Andrews) is frustrated with the current state of his life. He has a menial job as a handyman, an unsupportive boss, and friends who won't return his phone calls. He is given an assignment to examine and clean a house that previous renters have mysteriously abandoned after a short period of time.

As he attempts to evaluate the situation, he experiences strange visions and sounds, culminating in the appearance of a frightening female ghost. He runs to his car but forgets to bring his keys. Jack, at the end of his rope, determinedly marches back to the house and confronts the ghost directly.

The ghost is Muriel (Natalie Walker), a singer who died over 200 years ago. She has been haunting this particular house for several years, with a perfect record of driving occupants away in fear. Unsure how to deal with Jack, she consults with her supervisor, Ms. Henry (Amanda Miller) who criticizes her choice of scare techniques.

Muriel continues her attempts to frighten Jack, but he ignores them. Giving up, she tells Jack her story, and that she took her own life when her lover rejected her. She again confronts her supervisor, announcing that, despite her current experience, she has a proud history of success and will not surrender her post.

Jack decides that his place is to be with Muriel, but only if she says that she wants him to stay. Ultimately, she makes that choice. He commits suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, and the ghosts, Jack and Muriel, haunt the house together.

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