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Summer Window / Fenster zum Sommer

Year - 2011
Studio - Zentropa International
Stars - Nina Hoss, Mark Waschke, Fritzi Haberlandt, Lars Eidinger, Lasse Stadelmann
Director - Henk Handloegten
Writing Credits - Henk Handloegten, Hannelore Valencak (novel)
Music - Timo Hietala


Juliane (Nina Hoss), a Finnish woman working as a translator in Germany, meets and falls in love with August (Mark Waschke). But she is haunted by the tragic death of her best friend, Emily (Fritzi Haberlandt) who was struck by a car on her way to meet Juliane, who had just met August at that cafe.

Juliane and August take a road trip to visit her parents in Finland, and stop to stay overnight at a hotel. But when she awakens the nest morning she realizes that she has been, inexplicably, taken back in time to before she met August, and was living with Phillip (Lars Eidinger). She breaks up with Phillip and eventually is able to locate August, but he doesn't recognize her. She writes him a letter, but it is intercepted by his girlfriend who accuses the baffled August of having an affair.

She goes to a nightclub frequented by August and the two dance. Later they make love, but she remains anonymous to him, knowing that the time when he falls in love with her is yet to come.

Juliane becomes obsessed with preparing for the eventual meeting at the cafe that she knows is coming, desperate to make sure that she doesn't make any mistakes to alter that future event. She is equally determined to prevent Emily from being killed by the accident. She makes arrangements for Emily and her young son, Otto (Lasse Stadelmann), to holiday at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen on what would be the fateful day.

The day arrives, but Emily phones Juliane and informs her that their trip was canceled, that she desperately needs to meet her at the cafe, and then hangs up. Juliane frantically tries to get to the street location by cab but, when it is stalled in traffic, she jumps on a passing streetcar. August is there too, but her focus is entirely on saving Emily. He recognizes her, but Juliane's focus is entirely on getting to Emily. She succeeds in pulling her back from the oncoming car, but her "chance meeting" with August does not happen.

And to make matters worse, Emily's fate is only to be killed by a speeding car soon thereafter. Juliane takes Emily's son, Otto, on a trip to her parents' home in Finland. On the auto ferry, August is waiting for her. Having known that she was Finnish with parents in Helsinki, he had crossed over in the ferry several times, hoping that he would eventually find her.

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