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Just One More Kiss

Year - 2019
Studio - Morning Dove Pictures, BarB House
Stars - Patrick Zeller, Faleena Hopkins, Frances Mitchell, Erik Parillo, Joe Barbagallo, Emily Bennett, Stink Fisher, Damiyr Shuford
Director - Faleena Hopkins
Writing Credits - Faleena Hopkins
Music - Rene Osmanczyk, David Yousefi


Abby (Faleena Hopkins) and Max (Patrick Zeller) are a very happily married couple. At a party celebrating their ten year anniversary, Max's best friend, Barry, (Joe Barbagallo) is intoxicated and behaves rudely towards the other guests. Max asks him to leave, and offers to drive him home. A short time later, police come to the door to inform Abby that Max has been killed, having been hit by a car as he escorted the drunken Barry, who was uninjured. Abby is devastated, as are Max's parents, Henry (Erik Parillo) and Alice (Frances Mitchell). Barry is tortured with guilt. Abby's best friend, Lorna (Emily Bennett) counsels her that time is the only thing that will ease her pain, but Abby believes she will never get over it.

Six months pass, and Abby is still unable to move on from her grief and depression. She quits her job and moves into the remote cabin where she and Max had vacationed, resigned to live there alone. One evening, she senses that she feels his presence, wanders outdoors and utters "Max, come back to me". There the ghost of Max appears to her, and is surprised that she can actually see him. Although they are unable to touch each other, he explains that he has been with her all along, but that he doesn't understand why he is there.

Despite their mutual frustration at the situation, Abby is deliriously happy that they are together again. However, as they are hiking outdoors in a rugged area, Abby slips and hangs precariously on the edge of a cliff. She is tempted to just let go, to be with Max in death but he, unable to physically help her, begs her to save herself.

They are visited by Lorna, who surprises Abby when she announces she is romantically involved with Barry, and that he is actually waiting outside. Abby is furious, but finally relents and allows Barry to come in. He, still racked with guilt, begs for forgiveness. Max offers his thoughts to Abby and she reacts to him, which confuses Lorna and Barry, unable to see or hear him. They are concerned that she is having a mental breakdown and Abby is not completely confident that she isn't. Max tells her to tell Barry something about him that only he would know, both to convince him as well as herself about his existence as a ghost.

Max and Abby continue being together, but he begins to suggest that she needs the physical presence of a man in her life. Indeed, a local landscaper, Jack, (Stink Fisher) has expressed interest in her, but Abby rejects the thought of being with someone other than Max. She becomes obsessed with the notion that her only solution is join Max by taking her own life.

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