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Year - 2013
Studio - Nitelite Entertainment, ABC Family
Stars - Jennie Garth, Cameron Mathison, Mary Kay Place, Conrad Coates, Kristin Booth, Maria del Mar
Director - Jerry Ciccoritti
Writing Credits - Ann Gunder (story), Michael Vickerman
Music - James Gelfand


"Mel" (Melody) Gerard (Jennie Garth) is a fast-rising executive at the Chicago headquarters of a national discount chain retailer. Her company is seeking to open its 100th store in a nearby suburb, Streetvile, which, coincidentally, is Mel's home town. Her boss, Dean Wilcox (Conrad Coates) makes it clear to her that her chance of a promotion rides on her success in getting Streetville's approval for the store. Mel confidently goes to the town, both to visit her mother, Elaine (Mary Kay Place), and to appear before the city council. It is Thanksgiving week but Melody disappoints her mother by revealing that she is going to the Bahamas with friends rather than celebrate the holiday with her family.

She addresses the city council public hearing but her old high school boyfriend, Carter McClure, stands up and argues vehemently against the store opening. He has completely renovated an old Streetville building as a bed and breakfast hotel, and approval of the giant store would result in his business being torn down for to make room for the store's parking lot.

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Mel visits Carter at the remodeled home where she slips on a loose stair runner, falls and hits her head, knocking her unconscious. When she awakens in the hospital, she is surrounded by her mother, sister, and Carter. He calls her "Melody" and refers to her as his wife. Melody objects but the other family members support Carter and believe that her injury has resulted in a memory loss and fantasy about being a single Chicago executive. Melody manages to escape, takes her mother's car and drives back to Chicago. But her boss and fellow employees don't recognize her, and they call for Security to remove her. Carter arrives and takes the distressed Melody back to Streetville.

Still confused, Melody begins to appreciate the small town lifestyle and values, where her mother owns a restaurant named "Sweet Melody's Cafe." And she finds herself again falling in love with Carter. At the city council hearing, Dean Wilcox presents the discount store proposal but Melody convincingly argues against it, citing company inside information, much to Wilcox's confusion. But the store is ultimately approved because of perceived economic realities.

Melody finds some old, historical pictures of Streetvile, including one of Carter's remodeled project. It shows Mark Twain at the building, having been an original part-owner. She succeeds in getting a judge to issue an injunction against destroying the historic location. Melody prepares to settle down with Carter in Streetville.

Show Spoilers


Holidaze's alternate universe story is very similar to that presented in The Family Man.