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Year - 2010
Studio - Warner Bros.
Stars - Matt Damon, Cécile De France, Frankie McLaren, Thierry Neuvic, Richard Kind, Jay Mohr, George McLaren
Director - Clint Eastwood
Writing Credits - Peter Morgan
Music - Clint Eastwood


George Lonegan (Matt Damon) is a reluctant psychic, with the genuine ability to receive messages from the dead for their loved ones, but desperate to live a life with normal relationships. His brother Billy (Jay Mohr) is eager to exploit George's talents commercially. Marie LeLay (Cécile De France) is a Paris television journalist on vacation in Southeast Asia with her producer, Didier (Thierry Neuvic). When a giant tidal wave strikes the city, she is swept under water and nearly drowns. That event causes her to lose interest in her career and to obsessively pursue knowledge about others' near-death experiences. Marcus and Jason (played by George and Frankie McLaren) are young twin brothers in London, who live with their drug-addicted mother. On an errand for his mother, Jason is chased by bullies and killed on the street by a truck. The devastated Marcus is placed in foster care, but is docile and uncommunicative, thinking only of his dead brother.

These three stories of George, Marie, and Marcus, who have been touched by death in different ways, ultimately converge.

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