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I'll Follow You Down

I'll Follow You Down title card

Year - 2013
Studio - Resolute Films and Entertainment, Harold Greenberg Fund, The, Telefilm Company
Stars - Haley Hoel Osment, Rufus Sewell, Gillian Anderson, Victor Garber, Susanna Founrier, John Paul Ruttan
Director - Richie Mehta
Writing Credits - Richie Mehta
Music - Andrew Lockington


Gabriel (Rufus Sewell) is a brilliant physicist on his way from Toronto to a conference at Princeton University. His wife Marika (Gillian Anderson) and young son Erol (John Paul Ruttan) bid him goodbye at the airport. They return to the airport several days later for his return, but he he is not on the plane. His hotel reports that he has not checked out and that his luggage is still in his room. Marika's father Sal (Victor Garber), a college physics professor at Princeton tries to find him, without success. After weeks pass, Marika and Erol realize they may never see Gabriel again, and try to get on with their lives.

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Years later, Erol is a gifted physics student at Princeton, with Sal, his grandfather, one of his professors. He is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Grace (Susanna Fournier). Sal reveals to Erol that he had discovered Gabriel's scientific equipment in a laboratory, and believes that he actually travelled through a wormhole in time, to 1946 to meet Einstein. Erol is skeptical and declines to assist in such an investigation.

Marika, having never really recovered from the mysterious loss of her husband, overdoses on pills and dies. This prompts Erol to tell Sal he wants to help discover his father's time travel secrets so that he might go back and change his mother's fate. Researching the year 1946, he discovers a newspaper story about an unknown man being mugged and murdered at Princeton, and he realizes that's why his father didn't return.

Erol and Sal work day and night in the lab, but Grace is unhappy with Erol's obsession. She becomes pregnant, but miscarriages, resulting in Erol being even more determined to go back in time. Grace is frightened that, by changing their past, she and Erol might not meet in their new future.

Erol succeeds in returning to 1946. He walks out of the Princeton building and enters a bar where he finds his father. He starts a discussion, telling Gabriel about his life, and his father realizes that this is his grown son come to save him. He agrees to his avoiding the site of the mugging, but insists that he needs to stay to accomplish his goals, before returning. Erol forces the issue when he pulls out a gun and kills himself.

The scene shifts back to the day when Gabriel was scheduled to return from the Princeton conference. Marika opens her front door, with young Erol at her side, to find Gabriel standing there. "Oh, you're back early!" she exclaims.

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