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Il Mare / Siworae

Il Mare title card

Year - 2000
Studio - EDKO Film Ltd.
Stars - Jung-Jae Lee, Ji-hyun Jun, Mu-saeng Kim, Seung-Yeon Jo, Yun-jae Min
Director - Hyun-seung Lee
Writing Credits - Ji-na Yeo
Music - Hyeon-Cheol Kim


Kim Eun-ju (Ji-hyun Jun) moves from a beautiful lake house apartment and writes a letter to the current occupant, requesting that her mail be forwarded to her. Her letter arrives in Han Sung-hyun's mailbox (Jung-Jae Lee) but he thinks it's a joke as it's dated 1999 and for him, it is 1997.

His reply accuses her of playing games with him. Their correspondence continues, and eventually they both realize they are actually communicating, via the mailbox, two years apart.

The story alternates between their two worlds and when Han Sung-hyun manages to see her, she cannot recognize him because she is as she was in 1998, before she knew him. To further complicate the time twist, Han Sung-hyun's puppy, "Cola" co-exists in both time periods, with him and with her.

Il Mare poster

Kim Eun-ju learns from one of Han Sung-hyun's friends that he had been hit by a car and killed and she desperately tries to reach him in time to prevent it from happening.

Show Spoilers


Il Mare ("The Sea") has been re-made as an American film, The Lake House, starring Keanu Reaves and Sandra Bullock.

Another "postal time travel" movie is The Love Letter.