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If Only

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Year - 2004
Studio - Intermedia Films, Outlaw Productions, Love Spell Entertainment
Stars - Jennifer Love Hewitt, Paul Nicholls, Tom Wilkinson
Director - Gil Junger
Writing Credits - Christina Welsh
Music - Adrian Johnston


Young British businessman Ian Wyndham (Paul Nicholls) loves his American girlfriend, Samantha Andrews (Jennifer Love Hewitt) but can't fully commit to the relationship, putting his career ahead of all else. Samantha, a musician and music teacher, discovers that Ian apparently forgot to take an important document to a big presentation he is doing; she hurries to get it to him and interrupts the meeting. He gets embarrassed and flustered, and his presentation is a failure.

That evening he takes a taxi to a concert in which Samantha is performing, and a mysterious driver (Tom Wilkinson) seems to know about his love life problems. After the concert, his mind still on the failed presentation, suggests to Samantha that they simply try to "soldier on" with their relationship. Hurt, she tells him that it is over, and she leaves in a cab, which is driven by the same driver. The taxi is broadsided at an intersection, and Samantha is killed. Ian is devastated and heartbroken.

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When he awakens the following morning, he is astonished to find Samantha in bed with him, very much alive, and saying exactly the same things as the previous day. After recovering from the shock, he believes that he experienced a very realistic bad dream. But as the events of the previous day continue to repeat themselves, he attempts to make different choices so as to prevent the same conclusion. When she again arrives at his presentation, he is prepared and confidently continues, assuring a successful meeting. He opens up to her about his early life, and takes her to the countryside where he grew up. They return to London so that Samantha can go to her concert. Ian finds one of her musical compositions, and gets 75 copies made at a copy center. Arriving at the concert venue, he secretly talks the conductor into including the song in the program. (Apparently, we're asked to accept that Samantha orchestrated the music for all instruments and a choir.) When the conductor announces Samantha's song, she is surprised and nervous, but she sings it beautifully and receives a standing ovation.

The happy couple gets into a taxi to return to their flat, and Ian sees that the same mysterious driver is at the wheel. He tells Samantha that he loves her unconditionally, and thanks her for showing him how to love, and to make choices that advance their relationship. But he senses that fate hasn't been changed and, indeed, the taxi is struck by a car. This time, Ian is killed.

The story ends with Samantha, now an accomplished singer, performing a song about lost love before an adoring audience.

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