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Ditto / Donggam

Ditto title card

Year - 2000
Studio - Mei Ah
Stars - Ji-tae Yu, Ha-Neul Kim, Ji-won Ha, Min-joo Kim, Yong-woo Park
Director - Jeong-kwon Kim
Writing Credits - Jin Jang
Music - Wook-Hyeon Lee


So-Eun (Ha-Neul Kim), a student at a Korean university, is in love with another student, Seo (Ji-won Ha), but finds it difficult to convey her feelings to him. She is given an old ham radio by another student and one night, as she is fooling around with it, a young man, Ji (Ji-tae Yu), makes contact with her. Discovering that they both attend the same university, they make plans to meet under the college clock tower.

The next day, So-Eun waits there, in the sun, but Ji doesn't show up. We are also shown Ji waiting under the clock tower as well, however it is pouring rain. That evening, they again make radio contact and accuse each other of not keeping the appointment. Eventually, they realize that they are communicating from different times - she is in 1979, he in 2000.

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Ji tells So-Eun about historical facts of her time that, when they indeed happen, confirm to her that she is talking to someone from the future.

Ji then remembers that his own parents went to that university in the same time period, and eagerly asks So-Eun if she knows them. Ji's father is Seo, and his mother is So-Eun's best friend. So-Eun is devastated.

So-Eun knows she must forget Seo. Ji, in the meantime, intuits that So-Eun has feelings for the man who would become his father. He finds out that now, in 2000, So-Eun is a professor at another university, having requested a transfer there for personal reasons. He goes there, determined to learn if she is content, or if losing Seo has made her an unhappy woman.

He walks down the school corridor, just as students emerge from So-Eun's classroom. She steps into the hallway and, as she walks, her eyes meet Ji's. There is a look of recognition, then a knowing smile. She passes Ji, and he leaves, secure in the knowledge that So-Eun's life was not destroyed by her brush with the future.

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