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Year - 2004
Studio - New Line Cinema
Stars - Nicole Kidman, Lauren Bacall, Danny Huston, Anne Heche, Cameron Bright, Arliss Howard, Peter Stormare, Ted Levine
Director - Jonathan Glazer
Writing Credits - Jean-Claude Carrière, Milo Addica, Jonathan Glazer
Music - Alexandre Desplat


Anna's (Nicole Kidman) husband dies while running in a snowy park. After being widowed for ten years, she accepts Joseph's (Danny Huston) marriage proposal. As her family gathers to celebrate, a ten year old boy (Cameron Bright) enters their apartment and asks to speak to Anna privately. He tells her that he is Sean, her late husband, reincarnated. Anna politely has him escorted out from the apartment building, but he soon returns, seeking to convince her that marrying Joseph would be a bad mistake. He tells Anna and Bob, her brother-in-law facts that would likely only be known to the dead Sean.

At a pre-wedding gathering, Joseph, already annoyed at the boy's persistence, becomes physically violent with him, to the shock of Anna and her family. The wedding plans are terminated, and Joseph moves out. Anna's reluctance is finally overcome, and she comes to accept the boy as her late husband. She excitedly tells him that they will run away together and, when he is 21, will marry. But now the boy has learned a secret about the husband that causes him to question his belief about himself.

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