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The Magic Bubble / Unbecoming Age

The Magic Bubble title card

Year - 1992
Studio - Ringelvision Entertainment
Stars - Diane Salinger, John Calvin, Colleen Camp, Priscilla Pointer, George Clooney
Director - Alfredo Ringel, Deborah Ringel
Writing Credits - Meridith Baer, Geof Prysirr
Music - Jeff Lass


Julia (Diane Salinger) is having, but not celebrating, her 40th birthday party. She is bored with the daily sameness of her life and with her husband's conventional expectations of her, as well as with the negative attitudes of her children. After the guests have left, she finds an unopened gift, which is bottle of "magic bubbles." Curious, she blows a few bubbles, then feels her mood change from boredom to joy. She begins acting playfully and spontaneously in all situations, to the concern of her husband, Charles (John Calvin). But her two young children are delighted with the change and their behavior improves dramatically.

Magic Bubble DVD Cover

At a supermarket, the cashier refuses to sell Julia beer because she doesn't have an ID and doesn't remember her age. This interests another customer, a wealthy and handsome playboy, Mac (George Clooney). He and Julia become friends, but she stresses that she loves her husband. Charles, however, is so distressed with her behavior that he asks her to go to a psychiatrist. She does, but the psychiatrist (Wallace Shawn) is so impressed with her demeanor that he, himself, works at becoming more free spirited.

To save her marriage, Julia gives in to her husband's demand that she return to her old self. But, during a sales presentation at his job, Charles experiences an insight about self acceptance that makes him question his own attitudes. He returns home and tells his wife that he, too, would like to experience the "magic bubbles". She is surprised but thrilled with the new Charles.

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The Magic Bubble (also released as Unbecoming Age) is a low-buget, apparently straight-to-video release. The DVD cover above promotes George Clooney's role, although his is a relatively small part, and he, unlike the DVD cover picture above, appears with a long shaggy hairstyle in the film.