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Somewhere, Tomorrow

Somewhere, Tomorrow Title Card

Year - 1983
Studio - Blue Marble Company
Stars - Sarah Jessica Parker, Nancy Addison, Tom Shea, Rick Weber
Director - Robert Wiemer
Writing Credits - Robert Wiemer
Music - Paul Baillargeon


Lori Anderson (Sarah Jessica Parker) still mourns the loss of her father, and resents the fact that her mother, Betty (Nancy Addison), is dating Alec (Rick Weber), a local policeman. She goes for a ride in the woods on her horse, and is startled to see a small aircraft falling from the sky. At the crash site, she finds a passenger in the cockpit, still breathing. The pilot has been thrown from the plane and is injured but alive. She tells him that she will ride to get help, but the frightened horse bolts away, and she is knocked to the ground, unconscious. She revives just as emergency personnel are arriving, but the pilot is missing. She finds the horse with the missing pilot , Terry Stockton (Tom Shea) astride.

They go the hospital to see the injured passenger, Paul Bart (Paul Bates). Leaving Terry with Paul, she encounters her mother in the lobby and starts to tell her about Terry. Her mother explains that Lori must be the victim of a cruel joke, that Terry Stockton was killed in the crash. They follow Terry’s father to the hospital morgue where he must identify the body. The sheet is removed and it is, indeed, Terry. Lori faints.

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Returning home, Lori finds Terry in the barn, eventually accepting that he is a ghost that only she can see. Terry persuades her to invite Paul to visit and they finally convince him that Terry’s ghost is real. Through Lori, he instructs Paul to talk to his father, a minister, about the situation. While Lori believes that the purpose for his earthbound presence is to prevent her mother from remarrying, Terry believes just the opposite - that he is there to help her move on with her life and accept her mother’s new love.

As the wedding ceremony of Betty and Alec proceeds, Lori has a mysterious sense that something is happening with Terry, who remains at her home. The telephone is ringing, with Paul wanting to tell Lori what his father believes - that Terry’s ghost is indeed there to assist Lori in learning to live her life instead of dwelling on her father’s death. As soon as the minister pronounces Alec and Betty as man and wife, Terry fades and vanishes.

Lori rushes home and is devastated that he is gone. She frantically rides her horse to the site where she first found him, replaying the scenes of their time together in her mind. She again falls from the horse….

Lori lies comatose in a hospital bed, the doctor desperately trying to save her life. She dies and her ghost walks out to a waiting Terry, happy that she can now be with him. But he tells her she must go back and live her life, and quotes a passage from her father’s journal: “The ultimate secret of life is the sure knowledge of death, for without it man would not strive to leave his mark upon the earth.”

She revives and we next see her singing before an audience of hospital patients. She sees someone entering - it is Paul with Terry, in a wheelchair. They introduce themselves and comment that she was brought to the hospital at the same time as the two of them. Paul asks her to take Terry back to his room, and, as they leave, he suggests they get together later.

Show Spoilers


The stage is set early on, when Lori is seen watching the movie Topper on television, the scene where George and Marion Kerby, after their car has crashed, realize that they are ghosts.