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Date With an Angel

Date With an Angel title card

Year - 1987
Studio - De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG)
Stars - Michael E. Knight, Phoebe Cates, Emmanuelle Béart, David Dukes, Phil Brock, Albert Macklin
Director - Tom McLoughlin
Writing Credits - Tom McLoughlin (screenplay)
Music - Randy Kerber


Jim Sanders (Michael E. Knight) is engaged to be married to the beautiful and wealthy Patty Winston (Pheobe Cates), although he's not sure that's what he wants for his life. His life is further complicated by his suffering from severe headaches. After being "kidnapped" from a party hosted by Patty's parents, in a terrorist stunt by his buddies, he finds what seems to be an angel, face down in the pool. She (Emmanuelle Béart) was struck by a satellite as she descended to Earth, injuring her wing.

Jim decides to allow the beautiful angel to stay until her wing heals, but when his three friends Ed, George and Don (David Dukes, Phil Brock, Albert Macklin) arrive, they only want to exploit and exhibit her for financial gain. Patty pays a visit, and Angel emerges with a blanket wrapped around her - Patty assumes JIm is cheating on her and becomes violently angry. Jim realizes he must hide Angel from the world to protect her.

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But Ed, George and Don manage to capture Angel, and they arrange a press conference to present the "most important discovery in the history of the world." But before they can unveil her, revealing her wings, Jim arrives and safely escapes with her to his boyhood tree house in the woods. Eventually, the friends, Patty, and all the parents arrive, and they all battle in pursuit of their interests. Angel has healed, and, as she ascends to the sky in a heavenly glow, she renders the intruders helpless. But Jim lies on the ground unconscious.

At the hospital, the doctor informs Jim's parents that he has a serious brain tumor. Jim awakens to find Angel at his side, and assumes she had come to Earth for him. But she passes her hands over his head, then disappears. When he awakens, he no longer feels pain. His nurse comes into the room - it is an earthly Angel, without her wings.

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