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Two Worlds of Jennie Logan

Two Worlds of Jennie Logan title card

Year - 1979
Studio - Charles Fries Productions
Stars - Lindsay Wagner, Linda Gray, Marc Singer, Alan Feinstein, Henry Wilcoxon
Director - Frank De Felitta
Writing Credits - David Williams (novel), Frank De Felitta (screenplay)
Music - Glenn Paxton


Jennie Logan (Lindsay Wagner) and her husband Michael (Alan Feinstein) have moved to a Victorian home in the country to escape the pressures of city living and to start over after Michael's infidelity.

Jennie finds a beautiful old gown in the attic and, when she tries it on, begins experiencing visions that she has traveled to an earlier time where a young man sees her and cries out "Pamela!". At first she runs from him in fear and is jolted back to the present. But she is obsessed with this vision and, on her next regression stays to talk with him. He is David Reynolds (Marc Singer), an artist, who had mistaken her for his wife, Pamela, who had died. Pamela's father, Mr. Harrington (Henry Wilcoxon) blames David for his daughter's death, and is further enraged by the fact that his other daughter, Elizabeth (Linda Gray), has romantic designs on David.

Back in the present, Jennie learns from the local historical society that David Reynolds was killed in a duel by Pamela's father. Now in love with this man from the 19th Century, she desperately seeks to change that history.

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