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Les Visiteurs du Soir

Les Visiteurs du soir title card

Year - 1942
Studio - Productions André Paulvé
Stars - Arletty, Marie Déa,, Fernand Ledoux, Alain Cuny, Pierre Labry, Jules Berry, Marcel Herrand
Director - Marcel Carné
Writing Credits - Jacques Prévert, Pierre Laroche
Music - Joseph Kosma, Maurice Thiriet


Two emissaries of the Devil, Gilles (Alain Cuny) and Dominique (Arletty) arrive at a 15th century French castle, posing as minstrels, with the intention of causing despair in humanity. But Gilles becomes enchanted with Anne (Marie Déa), the daughter of the Baron Hugue (Fernand Ledou); and Dominique is similarly interested in Renaud (Marcel Herrand), Anne's fiancé. Dominique discovers, however, that Renaud is cruel and selfish, so she turns her attention to Baron Hugue, who is depressed over the death of his wife.

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When Gilles declares to Anne that "No one can stop me from loving you", the skies darken and are filled with lightning, after which the Devil (Jules Berry) arrives at the castle. He reveals the affair, and the Baron has Gilles taken to the dungeon to be tortured. Renaud complains to the Baron about the attention he is giving to Dominique and they agree to a duel to the death. Dominique convinces Renaud to not wear chain mail under his armor and, as a result, Renaud is killed. When Anne publicly announces her love for Gilles, her father has her imprisoned with him.

Dominique confesses to the Baron how he was able to kill Renaud, and tells him she is leaving forever. The Baron says that he must always be with her, and they leave the castle together. The Devil tells Anne that if she will remain with him, he will free Gilles. She finally agrees, and Gilles is freed, but has no memory of Anne. Once he is gone, Anne tells the Devil that she lied about her promise to be with him. He angrily has her transported to the woods, where she finds Gilles. As they stare in each others' eyes, they remember their love and embrace. The Devil arrives and turns them to stone. But their love is stronger than his powers; he hears the beating of their hearts from inside the stone statues.

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