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Heavenly Music

Year - 1943
Studio - MGM
Stars - Frederick Brady, Mary Elliott, Eric Blore, Steven Geray
Director - Josef Berne
Writing Credits - Reginald Le Borg (story), Edward James (screenplay), Paul Gerard Smith (screenplay), Michael L. Simmons (screenplay)
Music - Nathaniel Shilkret, Max Terr


Ted Barry (Frederick Brady) arrives in heaven and explains to the registrar (Eric Blore) that he is a famous American composer and band leader. The registrar is not particularly impressed, but Joy (Mary Elliott), an angel, excitedly asks for his autograph (she already has those of Buffalo Bill and William Shakespeare). She then escorts him to the Hall of Music to be evaluated by the music committee.

The committee is headed by Ludwig van Beethoven (Steven Geray), and the members include such famous musicians as Chopin, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Paganini, Bach, and Wagner. They are impressed with his credentials, but Beethoven instructs him to compose a musical piece in ten minutes. Brady is frustrated at the seemingly impossible task, but when he looks into Joy's eyes, he is inspired, and quickly writes a song, "Heavenly Music."

Brady sings his composition to the committee. They are pleased with it, but Beethoven explains that it must stand the test of time, and that he should return in 200 years. Joy intervenes and suggests that some of the committee members play Ted's melody in their style. Liszt, Brahms, and Strauss all play it in the style of their music, and the committee agrees that Brady deserves to enter heaven as a musician.

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Heavenly Music won the 1943 Academy Award for two-reel short subjects.